Prepare for your Consultation
1.Its always better to take prior appointment.
2.Please come with your old health records about the eye or other systemic problems
3.Please take out time of about 2 hrs since the pupillary dialatation process may take time
4.If you are putting any anti glaucoma eye drops pease continue them as per schedule , even in the morning of consultation day, if it was scheduled. This will help assess the IOP whih is being maintained.
5.If you are diabetic , please take your breakfast and insulin /oral medications on time.Please bring your diabetes medicines with you.Please bring a small tiffin from your home , since pupillary dialatation may require longer time.
6.Its good if you bring your recent blood sugar , lipid profile or HbA1c reports with you.
7.7Please bring dark goggles . Please call someone to pick you up and take you to home.